Trying to Live for God in an Un-Godly Environment


I try really hard 2 live a life for God, and I am in an environment with a lot of negativity. I have been living there for 4 months and am looking at it as a test or opportunity for spiritual growth. 
The reason I live in a place like that is because I just moved from the east coast 2 the west to go 2 school, and felt like this is where God has led me.
My question is, how far should I let my values and boundaries be crossed before walking away?  Sometimes I wonder if sticking around is worth it anymore.  I’ve been praying and talking about it…there is the positive that I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and that I’m going to school.  The negative is that I live in a rooming house, and it’s full of drama. So I wonder if it’s worth it to stay.  I try and stay optimistic and make the most out of it, but I don’t know.
If anyone has ever been in an environment where it was hard on there faith, but persevered, please help…any good verses or just life tips, I would love hear.

My Reply:
You're preachin' to the choir, brother.
Have you prayed for Christian friends in your area? One person can't be an army against a whole need others to help you stay focused, pick you up when you fall (and for whom you may do the same), people with whom you can pray, opportunities for Bible studies (iron sharpening iron), etc...
Most campus' have Christian ministries (InterVarsity, Wesley Foundation, Baptists, Alpha Xi). Check around for them. Also, maybe put up a post on the school network for other Christians who'd like to gather weekly for prayer, Bible Study, and fellowship.

Another suggestion is to check in with a church in the area, see if they have any small groups for your age group (or if not your age group, maybe they'd be alright with you joining in). is also a good place to look for like-minded/spirited people.
Basically, if the Lord sent you there, then He also provided resources to help you out while there, so you're not alone. But you need to remember that in this battleground, you can't allow yourself to be alone (in the sense of being a solo-Christian), either.
---Pastor Andy G.