Did Dinosaurs Co-Exist With Humans?

Question: I was raised Catholic and still believe in God, but I’m confused about a lot of things, like did we co exist with dinosaurs? If the earth is only 6000 years old then dinosaurs could not have existed right.... if they are billions of years old…

My Reply:
Hi, first of all, you know about the Gospel...does the existence of dinosaurs really matter in terms of your salvation and relationship with God?
2nd, dinosaurs co-exist with us today (gators, whales, sharks, squid, etc.). Remember, Noah took land animals on the ark...those in the water didn't need to be saved from the flood, so they remained.
Job mentioned a dinosaur that can't be pointed out today (described like a fire-breathing hippo/crock).  And when it came to extinction, didn't the whole endangered species control-thing begin in the 1900s? So who's to say they didn't exist at the time of humans? Who's to say they didn't exist in the Garden of Eden?
And as for the 9000-10000 year old earth, from all the things you've seen God do in no time at all, who's to say it's not possible? But then, who's also to say that Adam and Eve weren't in the garden for several million/billion years before taking a bite of the fruit?  "Answers in Genesis" has some neat information (both facts and theories) on Dinosaurs, as well as some takes on why we don't find fossilized human bones with them.

Bottom line, a lot of this stuff is just theory...it's fun to ponder and discuss, but technically speaking, it has nothing to do with our future in Christ Jesus. Remember, the Good News is our message...everything else is just (as the Apostle Paul called it), "Meaningless talk".

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