Same Gods In Both Testaments?

Question: Why do I always get argued against when I say that the Jewish God is different from the Christian God?

My Reply:

Probably because the Jewish God is the same as the Christian God...they can't be different, for if so, then Christianity would be void.
Before Nero burned down Rome and blamed it on the Christians, Christianity was actually recognized as a sect of Judaism.  Jesus was a Jew.  I suppose you could say that Christianity is an upgrade from Judaism, since Christianity is its fulfillment.
Also, if you look at the Old Testament, you’ll see that everything points to Jesus Christ and all that happened in the New Testament pertaining to Him and what He did on the cross.
So they're not different gods, but One in the same. If they weren't, then Christianity couldn't be real.

Now, if you were to say that the Muslim god is different from the Christian God (another popular discussion topic), then you would be correct.

---Pastor Andy
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