Wisdom Teeth: a point AGAINST both sides?

Creation: Wisdom teeth are a pain in the @ss. God would not have designed us with such an obvious flaw. 
Evolution: If evolution works towards improvement, why did we evolve with such wonky teeth?
Wisdom teeth are just annoying, and the fact that most people need to have them removed is evidence against both sides of the origin argument.
(I do realize that both arguments are faulty. This is more a rant about wisdom teeth than an intellectual endeavor.)

My Reply:
What IS the point of Wisdom Teeth?  Good question.  You may even want to go on and ask why they're called "Wisdom" teeth, if having them in doesn't make you any wiser, and having them taken out doesn't make you any dumber.

Technically speaking though, there are a lot of parts on our bodies that for the longest time, we didn't think we needed. I remember being in grade school, and nobody knew what the gal-bladder did...they thought it was useless...now we know that it produces bile, and why we need bile produced. We look at the pancreas and wonder what it does...or the appendix. I think we learned what one does, and figured the other out recently, too.
They also said we can live on 1 kidney, but now they find that you'll age quicker if you do, and have several more health difficulties than if you had both.
I have no doubt the wisdom teeth are similar...isn't the reason we have them taken out because they come in sideways? I just heard today that elephants go through a bunch of sets of teeth because the plant food they eat shaves off the enamel. Maybe the change in our diets have something to do with them needing to come out...I can't imagine there were people for the past 10,000 years walking around with toothaches.
---Pastor Andy