Back Pain

I have a pain in my back near my left shoulder blade when I move my neck up or to the right.  Any suggestions?

My Reply:
I totally know what you're talking about.  You'd actually be amazed at how many back muscles are used to move the head!  One time when I had a similar injury, a friend advised me to do some neck-stretching exercises, which totally helped, and worked!  Here's what he said to do:

1) Stand straight with your hands to your sides. 
2) Slowly tilt your head as if you're trying to touch your ear to your shoulder. 
3) Then straighten again, and do the same on the other side. Do that several times. 

Then, do the same stretch, but before straightening back up:
1) Slowly tilt your head as if you were trying to look at your opposite foot. 
2) Tilt it back up, then straighten. Do this also for the other side. Do that also several times

Slowly stretch your neck like this several times a day. It should loosen up your back muscles some. Another helper is to put a heating pad on your back (or take a hot bath where you can submerge to your neck.
---Pastor Andy
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