How to find a Church


Okay, it was suggested to me, after some bad experiences at some too-small (let's just say all family, cult-like) churches, and some mega-churches, that perhaps a church of 400-500 might suit us.  Truthfully though, I really don't care about the size of the church.
I live in the bible belt, and there are SO many churches to choose from. I am not denominational, but I am a Christian who just wants to go where the Word is preached, where people are not excluded due to race or class, where prosperity and the latest books are not taught, etc. Just Jesus and the Word.

My Reply:
As one who's also lived in the Bible Belt, I understand your dilemma in finding a church to call home.
Might I suggest "church hopping"?  That's what my wife and I do each time we move someplace new.  For example, one Sunday go to one church; next Sunday, go to another church. That way you get a chance to see how you're treated as a newcomer, observe, worship, tithe, and you're not committed to returning if it's not the right fit (you'll also notice a new overflow of small loaf breads and pens).
Another way to find a church is by searching online for churches in your town, or just by driving around.  We actually found the church we're currently attending by asking a friend.
Most of all, be sure to pray the whole time you're searching, and once you've visited all the churches or congregations you wanted to check out, pray about the one to attend regularly.
---Pastor Andy   
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