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Can you tell me a website that will tell me how to scan my laptop from Norton anti-virus?

My Reply:
I used to have an updated version of Norton, but kept getting messages saying that I needed a particular .dll file.  But the thing is, even after I downloaded and installed the file, I either still got the message, or a different one saying I needed another .dll file.
My friend, who had the same problem, did a search online for other anti-virus programs and came across "F-Secure."  The website allows you to download a 30-day trial.  When I did this, I had to remove Norton from my computer.  A risky move, but was glad I did, for once F-Secure scanned my computer, it found several Trojans and a bunch of virus'!  Norton NEVER found these.  My friend joked that he doesn't know what the "F" in F-Secure stands, for, but wouldn't be surprised if it was a particular adjective, because it really does secure the computer!  And I liked it so much, I bought a membership and have been renewing it annually since (and it's a good price!)
So to answer your question, I would suggest getting rid of Norton altogether and downloading F-Secure.  I'm not trying to make this sound like a commercial or anything, I just really believe in this product.  Also, in terms of customer service:  One time I was having difficulties (my desktop completely freaked out!).  When I called the toll-free number, I was connected to some extremely knowledgeable guys in the UK.  They figured it out, and gave me a free upgrade (next year's version) to keep it from happening again.
So yeah, from my own experience, dump your Norton and get F-Secure is the way to go for anti-virus and Internet security.
---Pastor Andy
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