Do Clones Have Souls?

Cloning may still have its "debugging" before it gets to be fully operational, but leave that to the experts, what we tackle here is the spiritual repercussions.  So what do you think, does an entity made to exist through cloning have a soul?

My Reply:
That's a question I've often wondered about, too.
If we look at comics for the answer, I'd look at Spiderman during the cloning series...the clones had "souls", for they each thought they were the real guy.  But then, those may have just been their programmed memories.  Either way, if real-life clones become people, then the question is whether or not they would have souls.  MY thought is that they would, but I'd doubt they'd be connected in any way 

to that of the original, like the TV shows and movies suggest.

The Bible does mention a similar situation in the book of Ezekiel.  The Lord brought him out into the middle of a valley full of dried human bones.  There, God asked Ezekiel if these bones could live.  Do you know what Ezekiel answered?  "Sovereign Lord, you alone know."  Then God rebuilt the bones into bodies, binding them with ligaments, flesh, and skin.  Then God told him to prophesy.  When he did, Scripture says that breath entered them, they came to life, and stood up, a vast army.

Scripture doesn't say whether or not they were really like individual people who continued to live on.  But it was a great visual-aid for helping Ezekiel gain hope and understand the coming Messiah's accomplished work in rebuilding His Kingdom and the sending of the Holy Spirit into His people.

So would a cloned person actually have a spirit/soul in it, would it just be a breathing piece of meat, or would it be as a zombie is a good question.  I think the only answer I can give is, "Sovereign Lord, you alone know."
---Pastor Andy
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