1- What Is True Repentance?

The other day, "Keith" asked, "What is true repentance? Does Jesus have to be Lord of your life in order to be a Christian? Can a true genuine Christian doubt his or her salvation? Can a true Christian deny Christ before men? What does Jesus say about all of these things? Can church history help us out as well?"
Because answering these all in one post would result in a really long answer, I've decided to answer them all individually.  Today, we begin with Keith's 1st question:

What is true repentance?

My Reply:
True repentance is a means of reconciling with the one who you sinned against, and it requires that you completely and full-heartedly confess your sins to them, realize and acknowledge to them that you were wrong, and ask them for full-forgiveness...wiping the slate clean.  It's taking the step forward to reconcile a broken relationship, as if to say, "I was wrong and I want to make this right."  Actually, from the Greek, the word literally means, "change of mind."  So it's not just a means of asking for forgiveness, but of also asking for help change your mind, your desire, in order to keep from committing the sin ever again.  Because if you really meant it when you repented, then you want to make sure you never sin against them again.  It's like, if you cheat on your spouse, then ask for forgiveness.  You don't ask for forgiveness then figure once you're forgiven, all's good and it's OK to go out and do it again.  True repentance would be apologizing with all your heart and soul, assuring them that you never want to do it again, but also admit that you have a buring desire to sin again that you have difficulty controlling, and that you need her help (and maybe professional help also) to put it out.  It's admitting to the sin, pouring out your heart and soul, asking for forgiveness, and recognizing that you can't change on your own, but need help, and so are asking for help, in the changing of your mind and desires, from a sinful mind to the mind of Christ.  For a good example of repentance, check out Psalm 51:1-17.
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